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I’m a statistician with 25 years’ experience working in industry and government. I’ve applied cutting edge technical methods to problems ranging from the mundane to the mind-bending. I’ve been on the shop floor working with union mechanics and in wainscoted board rooms with wealthy businessmen.

Maybe it’s just my nature, but no matter how contentious and challenging a situation has been, I always like to close by saying “If there’s any other way I can help, just let me know.” A surprising number of people respond to this by saying, “Help me win the lottery.” Maybe they just mean it as a joke, but I suspect that there is something deeper at work.

First, no one can honestly say that they don’t want to win the lottery. For hardworking people in demanding environments, the dream of a giant pile of money whisking them away from their daily labors is pleasant and comforting. When you combine this natural interest in the lottery with a work environment that is applying statistical tools to detect unusual behaviors, it doesn’t take someone long to connect the two.

In early 2018, I offered to help a co-worker. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “The only help I need is winning the lottery.” And that was the tipping point. I decided to do what I could to help people who were interested in the lottery.

DISCLAIMER: I can’t guarantee that you will win the lottery. In fact, if anyone suggests that they can “guarantee” a win, you should pass up the opportunity.

What I can do is help you understand the lottery better. I provide tools to analyze lottery results. I provide information on different techniques that others have used. I share the stories of lucky and unlucky winners alike.

I wish you all the best.

About The Lottery Lab

Welcome to The Lottery Lab! Founded in 2017, The Lottery Lab is sworn to offer the best services out there! Here, our users have the freedom to access information about the lottery played across the United States. We are an independent information gathering and offering service. We’re a small family of passionate hobbyists of lottery games who try to understand the lottery odds, maths, and statistics to help out our users!

We initially started as the best website with an intuitive user experience to offer the results and other lottery information in a state-specific manner. However, at some point, we realized that there was a huge need for blogs and articles to share things happening in the lottery! You can see everything from juicy scandals to heartwarming lottery winning stories.

We make winning the lottery easy!

We build some really fun tools with the sole motive of making the lottery more fun and easier for you. Our Simulation Tool offers you the real-time experience of big lotteries like Powerball or Mega Millions and how it feels to win it. You can pick your numbers and see the draws and everything will feel so real. All the fun and rush is absolutely free our registered user! And it is always good to have some experience before entering a game.

It’s been an absolute blast building this site and offering simple and accurate services to you. Winning a lottery is a dream to most of us and it’s good to chase your dream, as long as it’s healthy. We, The Lottery Lab, try to offer you services and tools that will make you a little closer to your dream. We prepare you to win big, because, that big win may just be around the corner. So keep digging till you win!

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