Can The Lottery Lab predict winning lottery numbers?

No. First, if we could predict the results of a specific lottery on a specific drawing, we would be in the Bahamas surrounded by French poodles and eating steak right off the floor. Second, if there was an easy way to figure out the results of an upcoming lottery, someone would have already figured out how to do it and the lottery commissions would have changed the rules of the game.

What does “random” mean?

Although we use the word “random” a great deal in our personal and professional lives, the concept of “random” is a bit unusual. In fact, statisticians whose entire field of study is based around “random” variables never define what “random” means.


For our purposes at The Lottery Lab, we say that a process is random if it meets five conditions:

  • No outcome is more likely than any other.
  • No outcome is based on the immediately previous outcome.
  • No outcome is based on the history of previous outcomes.
  • No outcome is based on the outcome of a different process.
  • No outcome is based on simultaneous outcomes within the process.

Is it possible to guarantee that you will buy a winning ticket?

Yes, there is one guaranteed way to ensure that you are holding a winning ticket: purchase every possible combination of outcomes. Logistically, this can be very difficult (it has been tried before). But more than that, there are only certain games and certain situations that such an approach would even make sense.

Can I increase the odds that I will have a winning ticket?

There is a difference between increasing the odds that a ticket that you have is a winner and increasing the odds that you have a winning ticket. In theory, the odds that any ticket is a winner is the same and you can’t change the probability that a single ticket will be a winner. The old joke is that you can double your odds of having a winning ticket by buying two tickets.

How soon after a lottery is drawn do we get results?

TheLotteryLab posts data as soon after official results are available as possible. In some cases this may be just minutes after a drawing is announced, but there can be situations which delay publication of official results. As always, we encourage users to refer to the lottery's official site for results.

Can I download old lottery results from The Lottery Lab?

No. The majority of lotteries provide their results to the public free of charge. While The Lottery Lab makes every effort to ensure the integrity of our data archives, we recommend that if you are interested in the raw data that you take it from the lottery’s official data site.