The Lottery Lab's Guide for Advantage Players: 2021 Edition

Do you want to take advantage of the characteristics of lotteries to legally gain an edge over other players?  Do you want to learn how to apply number picking strategies to boost your winnings?  Do you want to know how experts use ticket buying strategies to increase their odds while cutting the cost of tickets?  The Lottery Lab Guide for Advantage Players teaches you all of these techniques and more.

The Lottery Lab staff of statisticians, researchers analysts, and editors have compiled the most comprehensive guide for lottery players.  This guide details how lottery players have unearthed the secrets of lottery success.  From Stefan Mandel winning $27 million with a massive ticket buying strategy to Jerry Selbee's clever timing strategy, this easy-to-understand guide gives you the tools to make your dreams come true.  

It doesn't take any special mathematical understanding to leverage the insights of The Lottery Lab.  This guide shows you how to use the tools provided through our website to get all the benefit without any of the headaches.  From frequency analysis to payback rates, we show you how these tools fit into your overall strategy and how to make the most of them.

There is no single strategy that works for every lottery.  Learn how the rules of individual states and specific game formats create hidden opportunities for lottery players.

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