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Kentucky Middle School Staff Hit the Jackpot: 30 Employees Claim $1M Powerball Prize

2 months ago

The atmosphere at a middle school in Kentucky has been absolutely electric this week after a group of 30 employees from the school hit a massive $1 million jackpot in the Powerball lottery. As they ra read more

Double Bonanza: Two Massachusetts Players Win $1 Million Each in Same Lottery Game, Only 25 Minutes Apart!

2 months ago

Luck was truly in the air at Massachusetts Lottery Commission on Thursday when two players, surprisingly both from the same state, claimed $1 million prizes from the same game within a short time fram read more

Father Strikes Gold with $1 Million Lottery Win Amid Wife's Hospital Stay with Newborn

2 months ago

Few experiences in life can compare to the overwhelming sensation of joy experienced by a man bringing forth new life into the world. The feeling may only be eclipsed by the realization that a simple read more

Illinois Lottery Winner Returns to Store to Express Joy Through Spontaneous Hug

2 months ago

In life, there are rare moments that break the monotony of everyday routines and leave an unforgettable mark in history. One such event took place in Illinois that witnessed the pure display of joy, e read more

Services for Cashing Ohio Lottery Tickets Fully Restored Following December Cybersecurity Incident

2 months ago

Ohio Lottery players can now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing they can once again cash in their winning tickets of over $599. This comes after weeks of disruption caused by a cybersecurity incident i read more


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