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A lottery winner from British Columbia has ensured that she never forgets the day she won a $13 million Lotto Max jackpot, by inking her arm with a tattoo of the draw date. Tammy Manning is all set read more

A friend of a lottery winner pleaded not guilty to lottery fraud after being accused of falsely cashing a winning scratch-off ticket worth $50,000. A man hailing from Fort Dodge was charged with one c read more

Deciding to play the lottery, a Massachusetts lottery player visited a gas station to purchase a ticket, but upon finding it closed, instead moved to another one to win a $10.4 million Megabucks Doubl read more

Here’s a piece of good news for the Mississippi lottery players. All of those waiting for a new draw style game apart from Cash 3 will not have to wait much longer. Last Monday the Mississippi Lotte read more

On Thursday, the Maryland Lottery announced that it had to hold two drawings for the Bonus Match 5 on March 18 due to a problem that occurred on the drawing date. The Maryland Lottery assured the pl read more


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