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New Jersey Winner Anonymously Claim $202 Million Mega Millions Jackpot

3 years ago

The $202 million Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot of February 11, 2020, drawing, has finally been claimed anonymously in New Jersey.

The lottery player is the first in New Jersey to decline the public limelight, since the state has passed new legislation, in January 2020, which allows the winners to remain anonymous while claiming their lottery prizes.

This change in legislation was framed well in time, and the $202 million Mega Millions Jackpot winner turned out lucky, just after a month of passing the new law, he won the multi-million jackpot and has the choice to remain anonymous.

On February 12, 2020, the day after the lottery drawing, the New Jersey Lottery announced that the top prize-winning lottery ticket was sold in New Jersey. The about-to-be lottery winner saw the announcement on Facebook that same day and checked the car, to get the lottery ticket out.

The New Jersey resident, realizing that he/she held the only jackpot ticket, felt extremely thrilled and managed to overcome the shock and got back in the senses to step forward with the winning process.

On that same day, the New Jersey Lottery held an in-person press conference at the Quick Stop Food Store on Inman Avenue in Edison, the convenience store where the winning ticket was sold. James Carey, the Executive Director of the lottery handed a $30,000 bonus commission check to Kaushik Patel, the store owner, and congratulated him for selling the winning ticket. Caray also gave a piece of advice to the anonymous lottery winner, that they always tell the people who win to sign the back of their there and then, place it in a safe place, have a talk with your financial advisor, and then claim the winnings. Inundated with the good news, the lottery winner tuned in to the Facebook live and followed the steps advised by the Executive Director of the Lottery to keep their winnings safe.

We congratulate the New Jersey, Mega Millions Lottery jackpot winner, and urge the winner to take financial help before splurging the newfound wealth!


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