The lottery is all about numbers. Some legendary winners have used their skills to outsmart the lottery system. The good news is that you can use the same tools. Want more good news? You don't have to be a math whiz to put these tools to work! The Lottery Lab gives you access to advanced tools which apply math and statistics for you. You don't have to do any calculations!

We offer the numbers and patterns many players overlook.


Frequency Analysis Tool

Frequency analysis is a technique to test the assumption that
the individual outcomes of a lottery are equally likely. This is a
common technique used for everything from food manufacturing
to cryptoanalysis.

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Transition Matrix

The transition matrix is a tool for detecting patterns in the sequence of numbers drawn from a lottery machine. It is a variation on frequency analysis which considers the ball drawn immediately before the current ball. One key lottery assumption is that any drawing is independent of the previous drawing.

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Tightness Test

Should you play “hot numbers” or “cold numbers”? “Hot numbers” are lottery numbers that have come up more frequently than expected. “Cold numbers” are lottery numbers that have been drawn less frequently than expected. But which technique is more likely to improve your odds?

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Lottery Wheel

In our discussion of lottery charts, we compare lotteries to the game of roulette. In many ways roulette is a simple ancestor of lottery games because in both games there are a fixed number of possible outcomes, players select one or more outcomes to place bets against, and there are techniques to bet on multiple outcomes.

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System Index

Over the years, Mr. Mandel has leveraged the nuances of lotteries in many ways to his advantage. But those early systems that got him out of poverty and a life without hope, have never been publicly available. Today, The Lottery Lab, in partnership with Mr. Mandel offers his full range of systems.

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Lottery Analysis Report

The Lottery Analysis Report is an easy-to-understand descriptive report, specially designed by our statisticians for premium members. The report gives a fair idea of the top-performing lottery numbers in your state, the most biased and consistent lottery games across the U.S., and ranks the U.S. state lotteries based on their payback rates. So that you know which games are offering the best jackpots and what are their "hot" numbers. Why bet on your lucky numbers, when you already have the ones that can change the entire game in your favor!

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Got Queries? Ask Us.

What is a lottery wheel?

A lottery wheel helps you identify multiple bets either in bulk or as part of a lottery pool. The lottery wheel helps you identify all the possible combinations from a subset of numbers.

What is the Transition Matrix?

The Transition Matrix is a tool used to detect patterns in the sequence of numbers drawn from a lottery machine. In theory, the probability of any number appearing in the next drawing is equal, but in reality, this is not always the case. Therefore, with the Transition Matrix, you can analyze the patterns and test this for yourself.

What is the Tightness Test?

A Tightness Test is a tool that offers an assessment of how much a random process has deviated from its expected behavior. To know the intensity of unexpected behavior in random processes, engineers and statisticians make use of this test. Don't worry, you don't have to do the math because our tool will do all the calculations for you.


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