Spooktacular Lotteries You Can Play And Win This Halloween!

When ghosts and goblins hit the streetsWith empty bags awaiting treatsAnd witches fly high overheadCackling their laughter to wake the deadFor Halloween brings smiles to mostCostumes covering each little hostChildren believe it’s all in funSaying, “Boo” to scare everyone“So, how did you do in the lottery?” - "Halloween Lottery"   "You Gotta Play To Eat!" "When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, tis near Halloween." But when it comes to the question, “So, how did you do in the lottery?” I believe the answer lies in the very subject of this poem - "You Gotta Play To Eat!". Deciphering, You’ve gotta be in the lottery game to grab the jackpot! This Halloween you have the chance to, Fill in your empty bags with amazing lottery treats, And fly high overhead, Knowing your hunger will soon be sated, With the happiness long-awaited! Popular lotteries around th

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