Widespread Lottery Myths Busted! Uncover The Truth Behind Lotteries!

“What is the likelihood of winning the lottery, then stepping out your front door the next day and getting struck by lightning?” “Playing the same lottery numbers over and over again will make you win a jackpot!" “Lottery jackpots are way harder than ever to win!” Have you ever come across any of these statements and believed them to be true? At The Lottery Lab, we’ve all heard them - erroneous beliefs about lotteries that popular media outlets spread. Too many of these statements are nothing more than opinions that are not based on facts! Over the years, a number of myths and outright fallacies have developed surrounding lotteries, and continue to spread anyway. With the advent of the internet, these lies have spread more widely and have been treated as gospel truths. But today, “the truth shall prevail”! It’s time we dig into the most common lottery myths and debunk them! Playing The Same Lottery

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