How Lotteries Evolved

How Lotteries have Evolved

Lotteries are a lot more ancient than we might think! But lotteries have evolved a lot since they were first introduced! Let’s take a trip through history to uncover the origins of America’s most popular source of entertainment: The lottery! The Beginning There are various forms of lotteries mentioned in the Bible, the Quran, Greek mythology, ancient Japanese, Chinese, and Indian histories. The Romans used lottery games to predict the future, reward their loyal followers, and distribute gifts at parties. They used to reward job positions or property by lottery draws throughout history. It is believed that a popular Italian lottery game named Bianca Carta gave birth to the lottery ticket back in the 15th century. The English translation for this lottery, “white card” refers to the white paper lottery tickets. In France, the Italian entourage of Caterina de Medici introduced the game as blanque. Changing the lottery structure The concept of state lott

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