homeless people won lottery

5 Homeless People Who Won the Lottery

The lottery has changed a lot of lives. There is a surprising number of homeless people who got a lot of money overnight by winning the lottery. Imagine being homeless, at one of the lowest points of your life, living on the street, only to be blessed with a lottery win. That’s the story of the people in this article. read about the top 5 homeless people who won the lottery. Michael Engfors Michael Engfors, 61, had been homeless for 6 years. He was going through a divorce and had lost his business. According to the clerk at the gas station where Engfors bought lottery tickets regularly, he frequently played the lottery and often won a dollar or two. One day his consistency paid off and he won $500,000 on a $10 scratch-off ticket. He did not buy himself a home or car. Instead, he used that money to find his daughter who he hadn’t seen in 20 years. Emily Reyes Emily Reyes was homeless, desperate, and addicted to drugs and alcohol. She hit rock bottom when she

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