Reasons Not Buy Lottery Tickets Using Credit Cards

3 Savvy Reasons Not To Buy Lottery Tickets Using Credit Cards

Should I or Should I not buy lottery tickets using credit cards? There are hundreds of people who buy lottery tickets online using credit cards. While it may seem tempting to buy tickets using the convenience of credit cards, it might not always be a good idea. As the number of legitimate ticket vendors accepting credit cards increases, the number of online scams increases too. Let’s take a smart decision! Check out the list of a few reasons not to buy lottery tickets using credit cards. Beware of the Online Reseller Sites There are many third-party websites selling lottery tickets.  These sites allow users to buy lottery tickets using credit cards as one of the payment options. But, can you trust these lottery resellers? Probably not! This is because there is no regulating authority overseeing resellers. Most official websites like the one run for Powerball issue warnings such as - “There are no regulations of any website that claims to sell you a ’service

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