The lottery-is-it-worth-playing

The Lottery: Is It Worth Playing?

“You can’t win if you don’t play” - The Rule Of Any GAME The question is: “What’s the best way to play?”. Lotteries are like most games of chance.  They are designed with two important mathematical properties.  First, the odds of winning are the same for each repetition of the game regardless of the number of times you have played before.  The second property of any game of chance is that the amount a player stands to lose in a single repetition of the game feels insignificant.   Of course, a lottery offers one exciting feature that other games of chance don’t: it is possible to strike it rich in a single repetition of the game. For some, they buy one ticket and win millions.  But for others, playing the lottery can be an endless series of losses. This is particularly problematic for people with little money to spare.  According to recent studies, a large number of lot

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