bizarre lottery coincidences

3 Bizarre Lottery Coincidences that Will Blow Your Mind

there are many instances happened in the history of the lottery that will leave you flabbergasted. Learn about these 3 bizarre lottery coincidences! Advance Lottery Prediction A newspaper in Vancouver amazingly printed the winning numbers a day before the drawing. The newspaper printed a section that has “hot numbers” for the Oregon Lottery.  Those are numbers which are supposedly more likely to appear in the next drawing. After the drawing, A Vancouver resident noticed this eerie prediction and reported it to lottery officials of the Oregon Lottery. Lottery officials looked into the matter and even they felt something was fishy after seeing the exact numbers printed on the newspaper hours before the drawing. To understand what had happened, the lottery officials hired a private investigator and also asked for help from the Oregon State Police. After a thorough investigation, the detective found out what really happened. The investigation discovered that the new

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