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Stranger Wins: Weird Lottery Stories

A huge lottery jackpot can turn your life upside down. People try everything they can to win lottery jackpots. They buy expensive software, ask astrologers, make strategies, pool their money, play the numbers they think are lucky for them, etc. Then, there are people who win lottery jackpots when they least it. Here are some strange lottery stories that will leave you flabbergasted! Bonus Read: Weird Lottery stories of Weird Lottery Winners Man who dreamed of winning Jesse Fravala, 23, from Drummond Island, said a trio of prophetic dreams led him to a specific winning scratch-off lottery ticket. He dreamed three times where he’d won $50,000 playing a particular scratch-off lottery. Therefore, he followed the instructions from his dreams and bought five $500,000 Wild Time scratch-off tickets from Wazz’s Party Plus on Drummond Island. His first four scratch-off tickets turned out to be duds. He wasn’t expecting to win anything on the last one either, so when he scratche

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