$7.8 Million Prize Split Over 2000 People For Picking All Zeros As Their Lottery Numbers In 2019

“What is the likelihood, of winning the lottery, then lose it all the next day when you step out your front door and get struck by lightning? Probably, very slim, but then anything is possible.” ― Anthony Liccione Believe it or not, this is essentially what happened a couple of thousand people in North Carolina who all managed to pick the same lottery numbers. These people started their weekend with a great idea and now the state is on the hook for $7.8 million. More than 2000 people played the Carolina Pick 4 drawing and chose all zeroes as their winning numbers. Fortune favored them and the lottery’s winning numbers did, in fact, turn out to be 0-0-0-0.  This meant that the state’s NC Education Lottery had to pay out a total of $7.8 million in prize money to the winners — a record for a single Pick 4 drawing, according to state lottery officials. The NC Education Lottery reported that dozens of lucky winne

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