Winner of $768.4 million

Winner of $768.4 million Steps Forward

The winner of the recent Powerball jackpot worth $768.4 million just came forward. The winner is a 24-year-old Wisconsin resident who came forward on Monday, April 22, 2019, to claim the third-largest jackpot in US history. Manuel Franco, of West Allis, Wisconsin, purchased the lottery ticket on Wednesday, March 27 at a Speedway in New Berlin, a suburb southwest of Milwaukee. The winner purchased about 10 lottery tickets on his way home from work and one of those tickets was the lucky ticket. According to the Wisconsin Lottery press release, the winner said he was just feeling like he should buy a lottery ticket, so he did. He played randomly and doesn’t play the lottery that often. He did not even watch the Powerball drawing and checked the numbers later, online. Franco quit his job two days later. He said after learning he’d won, he couldn’t believe it and felt his blood pumping through his body. He screamed for like 5-10 minutes to calm down.  Wisconsin doesn

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