Jason Fry Lottery Winner

Jason Fry - The Lottery Winner Who Built A Powerful Empire

We all have heard stories about people spending their lottery winnings on luxurious indulgences. Many of them end up going bankrupt. However, some of them prove to be wise investors. According to research conducted in the US, only 30% of lottery winners manage to spend their money wisely. Jason Fry is a lottery winner, that is among one of those players. Florida native, Jason Fry, the lottery winner, was living a tough life juggling three jobs pouring concrete, bartending, and digging wells. Still, he couldn’t get ahead. “I don’t know why but, I bought a lottery ticket,” Fry says. "Its something Ive only done a handful of times in my life," he added. There was a lot happening in Jason’s life and not much of it was good.  His marriage was on the skids, he was expecting a second child, and his property was underwater. Christmas was three days away when he bought the Florida Lottery ticket and that was a turning point in his life. He won

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