teenage lottery winners

Teenage Lottery Winners and What They are Doing Now

You will rarely see people aged 25 or below win the lottery. This segment of the population has other things on their mind on including their studies, jobs, and parties. But there are some teenage lottery winners who won the lottery at a very young age and lived the extravagant lives many of us could have only dreamed of at their age. Here are the stories of the youngest lottery winners so far. Callie Rogers- 16 Callie Rogers was just 16 when she became Britain’s youngest lottery winner, scooping a jackpot worth £1.9 million in 2003. Winning that kind of money at the age of 16 led her to spend her winnings on frivolous things. Some of her initial significant purchases were: £11,500 on two breast augmentation surgeries£85,000 on a luxury sports car£250,000 on cocaine£300,000 on clothes Bonus Read: 4 Lottery Winning Stories That End Happily Tracey Mak

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