Lotteries have been a part and parcel of our lives for a very long time. But this does not mean that they follow the same format to date. Today’s lottery games are much more inclusive and “modern”. They allow you to pick your set of numbers, aid you with multiple add-on options to win the game, and of course a lot better payouts, which are typically hard to resist. So, let's understand varied forms of lotteries and their different game structures because essentially "not all lottery games are the same", and you know which of them will make you win.

Types Of Lottery Game Formats

number games

Number Games

A numbers game (or digits game) uses between 2 and 5 machines. Each machine contains exactly ten balls numbered from 0-9 and only one ball is drawn from each machine. Brand names for numbers games include Cash3, Daily4, or Pick5. Typically, every numbers game in a state has the same word (“Cash” or “Daily”) and individual games are distinguished by a number which also indicates the number of machines used in the game.
Numbers games generally only offer fixed payouts and prizes tend to be relatively small. However, numbers games offer more play options than other types of lotteries. Numbers games usually pay every player with a winning ticket the same prize and don’t require winners to split winnings. To avoid getting more winners than the lottery commission can afford to pay, numbers games will often limit the number of tickets that can be purchased with the same numbers. For instance, if an unusually large number of people were playing 1-2-3, the lottery commission would stop selling that set of numbers. 

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State 2 Ball 3 Ball 4 Ball 5 Ball
Virginia Pick 3 Pick 4
Arizona Pick 3
Idaho Pick 3 Pick 4
Indiana Daily3 Daily4
Minnesota Pick 3
New Hampshire Pick 3 Pick 4
North Carolina Pick 3 Pick 4
Ohio Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5
Texas Pick 3 Daily4
Wisconsin Pick 3 Pick 4
California Daily 3 Daily4
New York Numbers Win 4
Arkansas Cash3 Cash 4
Colorado Pick 3
Connecticut Play3 Play4
District of Columbia DC2 DC 3 DC 4 DC 5
Delaware Play 3 Play 4
Florida Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5
Georgia Cash 3 Cash 4 Georgia FIVE
Iowa Pick 3 Pick 4
Kansas Pick 3
Kentucky Pick 3 Pick 4
Louisiana Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5
Maryland Pick 3 Pick 4
Maine Pick 3 Pick 4
Nebraska Pick 3
New Jersey Pick 3 Pick 4
New Mexico Pick 3 Pick 4
Oklahoma Pick 3
Oregon Pick 4
Pennsylvania Pick 2 Pick 3 Pick 4 Pick 5
Rhode Island Numbers Midday
Tennessee Cash 3 Cash 4
Vermont Pick 3 Pick 4
West Virginia Daily 3 Daily 4
Illinois Pick 3 Pick 4
Massachusetts Numbers
South Carolina Pick 3 Pick 4
Washington Pick 3
Mississippi Cash 3 Cash 4
number games


A lotto uses a single machine filled with anywhere between 20 and 80 numbered balls. Depending on the format of the lotto, a set of balls (typically 5 or 6) is drawn from this single machine. Unlike numbers games, lottos typically offer only one play option. That is, players, pick a set of numbers that they predict will be drawn. Since all the balls are drawn from the same machine, their order is not part of the winning conditions. Lottos usually generate interest by offering a single jackpot that is big enough to be life-changing. In order to win this jackpot, players must match all the drawn balls. To maintain interest, lottos often offer lower-tier prizes for matching some but not all of the drawn balls.

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State 4 Ball 5 Ball 6 Ball
Virginia Cash5 Bank A Million
Arizona Fantasy5 The Pick,Triple Twist
Idaho Idaho Cash,Weekly Grand
Indiana Cash Five Hoosier Lotto Plus
Minnesota Gopher5,North 5
New Hampshire Gimme5
North Carolina Cash5,Cash5Double
Ohio Rolling Cash5 Classic Lotto
Texas Cash Five Lotto
Wisconsin Badger5 SuperCash,Wisconsin Megabucks
California Fantasy 5
New York Take 5 Lotto
Arkansas Natural State Jackpot
Colorado Cash 5 Lotto Plus
Connecticut Cash 5 Lotto
Delaware Multi-Win Lotto
Florida Fantasy5 Jackpot Triple Play,Lotto
Georgia Fantasy 5 Jumbo Bucks Lotto
Louisiana Easy 5 Lotto
Maryland Bonus Match 5 MultiMatch
Maine Gimme5
Montana Montana Cash
Nebraska Pick 5
New Jersey Cash 5 Pick 6 Lotto
New Mexico Roadrunner Cash
Oklahoma Cash 5
Oregon Win for Life Megabucks
Pennsylvania Cash 5,Treasure Hunt Match 6 Lotto
Rhode Island Wild Money
South Dakota Dakota Cash
Vermont Gimme5
West Virginia Cash 25
Wyoming Cowboy Draw
Illinois LuckyDay Lotto Lotto
Massachusetts MassCash Megabucks Doubler
South Carolina Palmetto Cash 5
Washington Match 4 Hit 5 Lotto
Mississippi match 5
number games

Bonus Lotto

A bonus lotto is similar to a lotto but uses two machines for the drawing. Just as in a lotto, the first machine has a field of 20 to 80 numbered balls and multiple balls are drawn from this machine. The second machine in a bonus lotto holds the second field of balls from which a single ball is drawn. This ball typically has a brand name such as the PowerBall or the MegaBall. For states with larger populations or lottery commissions operating in multiple states, bonus lottos are a way to tune the odds of the game to the number of players. Since bonus lottos can be designed to service large populations, they can offer bigger jackpots

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State 4 Ball 5 Ball
Virginia Powerball,Mega Millions,Cash4 Life,Powerball Double Play
MultiState Lottery Powerball,Lotto America,Mega Millions,Lucky For Life,Cash4 Life,Gimme5
Indiana Powerball,Mega Millions,Cash4Life,Powerball Double Play
New Hampshire Powerball,Mega Millions,Lucky For Life,Tristate Megabucks Plus,Powerball Double Play
Texas Texas Two Step Powerball,Mega Millions,Powerball Double Play
California Powerball,Mega Millions,SuperLotto Plus,Powerball Double Play
New York Powerball,Mega Millions,Cash4 Life,Powerball Double Play
Florida Powerball,Mega Millions,Cash4 Life
Georgia Powerball,Mega Millions,Cash4 Life,Powerball Double Play
Kansas Powerball,Lotto America,Mega Millions,Lucky For Life,Super Cash,Powerball Double Play
Kentucky Powerball,Mega Millions,Lucky For Life,Cash Ball,Powerball Double Play
Maryland Powerball,Mega Millions,Cash4 Life,Powerball Double Play
Maine Powerball,Lotto America,Mega Millions,Lucky For Life,Megabucks Plus,Powerball Double Play
Montana Big Sky Bonus Powerball,Lotto America,Mega Millions,Lucky For Life,Powerball Double Play
New Jersey Powerball,Mega Millions,Cash4Life
Pennsylvania Powerball,Mega Millions,Cash4 Life
Tennessee Powerball,Lotto America,Mega Millions,Cash4 Life,Tennessee Cash
Vermont Powerball,Mega Millions,Lucky For Life,Tristate Megabucks Plus,Powerball Double Play
number games

Exotic Lotto

Traditional lottery formats have been tested and operated over long stretches of time. Many lottery commissions have validated that traditional lotteries generate both the revenue desired and the excitement necessary to sustain the game. With proven track records, traditional lotteries are low-risk choices for individual lottery commissions. Exotic lotteries tend to be more experimental in nature. They are used by fewer lottery commissions and maybe less popular than traditional games. At the same time, exotic lotteries offer the possibility for advantage players to find a previously identified opportunity. Since the format of exotic games has been tested on a smaller number of players, there is the chance that either a number-picking or ticket-buying strategy can yield an advantage.

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State Game Name
Texas All or Nothing
Wisconsin All or Nothing
Kansas 2 By 2
North Dakota 2 By 2
Nebraska MyDay,2 By 2
Oregon Lucky Lines

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