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A Heartwarming Story Of Love And Luck - Couple Used Jackpot Winnings To Fund Surrogate Child

Dreams are just dreams, dreams are unreal, but some dreams do come true! If you are someone who believes that dreams are not real, then you have to read this heartwarming Story. It’s a story about a UK couple Katy-Anne and John who longed to have a child of their own. In 2010, Katy had a hysterectomy performed as part of the treatment of small-cell cervical cancer. Since then, the couple was certain they wouldn’t have a baby. But, an astonishing lottery win in 2014 changed their fortune dramatically. John, a bank worker, won a whopping lottery jackpot worth £32,000. The bumper prize paved the way for them to have a surrogate child. “I didn’t even know my husband played the Postcode Lottery. Without that win, we could never have Grayson” says Katy.   The surrogate mother named Sarah Holder, which they located through a non-profit organization, brought them the most amazing gift of life, their son Grayson. Katy excitedly told the media - “And we were s

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