Exotic Vacation Destinations

3 Exotic Vacation Destinations for Lottery Winners

Just won a lottery? Just dreaming of winning a lottery? Allow us to make your dream a little more vivid. Mega Millions in rolling on $285 million with the cash option worth $195.7 million and Powerball is rolling on $140 million with the cash option of $95.4 million for this weekend. Imagine winning this much money and the things you could do with it. Well, don’t waste your December.  Get your winning lottery ticket from the nearest lottery store. Win the lottery jackpot and have a jaw-dropping vacation. Have a look at the following list of exotic vacation destinations where only millionaires hangout: Necker Island Necker Island is Sir Richard Branson’s luxury private island. This paradise will leave you awestruck with its barefoot luxury. It is located in the Caribbean in the beautiful and unexplored British Virgin Islands. From sandy white beaches to crystal clear water, there is an endless list of activities to keep you busy and content.    Guests sta

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