How To Protect Yourself From Lottery Scams Amid COVID-19 Pandemic!

Did you get an e-mail claiming that you won a Prize?Image Source - Colorado Lottery Sounds Great? Well its a Scam! The Coronavirus outbreak is affecting millions of lives worldwide and has led most of us to stay indoors for our safety. While we are quarantined, we are spending most of our time on computers and social media. According to Statista, the average increase in social media usage in the USA due to the Coronavirus crisis is around 50%. These figures are quite significant but they also hint at our increased vulnerability. It is a time when many of us can experience financial hardships, criminals can try to take an advantage through misleading information and canny tactics. Various US lotteries, including Michigan, Maine, South Carolina, and Texas, are working hard to warn players about the increasing number of scams amid Coronavirus. The scammers might contact you through phone, text, email, postal mail, or social media. In this sensitive situation, it i

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