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Kentucky Lottery Will Now Have Computerized Drawings!

3 years ago

The daily number games by the Kentucky Lottery will now take place inside a computer program for the safety of their staff amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Games such as the daily Pick 3, Pick 4, and CashBall 225 are transitioned to computerized drawings and will not be drawn using machines and balls, starting this Monday.

The Kentucky Lottery will use dedicated computer programs or also known as the random number generators for generating the winning numbers. Chip Polston, a senior lottery official stated that using this system will ensure quicker drawings with the same level of security and integrity. He further stated that this system is adopted to cut down the hours needed for the drawing, to ensure the safety of the lottery’s staff, keeping on mind the spread of COVID-19.

The random number generators are not connected to any source of internet or any external system. The computerized device is locked into a full-sized chassis, and tampering is prevented with a bar-coded security bolt that has to be destroyed to be removed.

The drawings for the Kentucky Lottery take place at 1:20 PM EST for the Midday drawing, and the evening drawing occurs at approximately 10:58 PM EST.


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