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A Group Of Ten Public Workers Claim $5.9 Million Ohio Lottery Jackpot!

3 years ago

“The Lucky Ten”, a group of ten public workers from Ohio shared a $5.9 million Classic Lotto jackpot after plating the lottery together on a weekly basis for 16 years.

On November 23rd, The Lucky Ten hit the following winning numbers - 8, 13, 18, 26, 33, and 39, which they have been playing for the past 16 years to bag the lottery jackpot.

The two representatives of the group, Nick and Gery, claimed the prize on the behalf of the group at the Ohio Lottery's Cleveland office. They decided to opt for the cash option of the jackpot worth $2.9 million, with each individual member receiving $212,400 after federal and state taxes were withheld.

Originally the group stuck with these numbers years ago when they bought the Quick Pick ticket. The Lucky Ten next aims for the Powerball Jackpot!

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