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50 Players Bag The Massachusetts Lottery Jackpot!

3 years ago

A new state record is set by the Massachusetts Lottery players for winning the top prize. The Mass Cash drawing for December 6, saw 50 players winning and claiming the top prize of $100,000, breaking the state’s all-time record of 34 jackpot winners in one drawing.

Mass Cash is one of the renowned games of the Massachusetts Lottery with nightly draws wherein the players have to choose five numbers from a pool of 1 to 35 for a dollar for a single play. 50 players across the state bagged the jackpot after the drawing machine produced the numbers 3, 9, 15, 21, and 27.

It is extremely surprising that 50 people managed to select the same winning numbers, but if we look closely at the winning sequence, it might look like an easy explanation. The Director of Communications at the Lottery, Christian Teja, said that if you look at the playslip and observe the numbers drawn, they all are marked in a vertical line, one on top of the other and sequentially they are six digits apart.

Matching all the 5 numbers means that you will get fixed $100,000 as of the top prize payout. However, the lottery too occupies its safe side in the game rules section that limits the game’s prize amounts to prevent massive losses as compared to the net sales for that drawing.

Based on the calculations, each of the top prize winners among 50 winners will receive $48,271. As per the game rules, the prize amount shrinks for the second and third-tier prize winners who match four and three numbers, respectively. Those who matched four numbers in the drawing will receive $120 instead of $250, while players who matched three numbers will get $4 instead of $10. The lower prize amounts are reduced to prevent the lottery from awarding millions across the state in situations like these!


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