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Woman From Maryland Forgot Where She Hid A $50,000 Lottery Ticket

1 year ago

A Maryland woman won $50,000 on a scratch-off lottery ticket, but she apparently forgot where she put it. Srijana Wosti was in a panic when she realised the claims deadline for a $50,000 winning lottery ticket she couldn't find was approaching.

Wosti's house had a scratch-off ticket somewhere, waiting to be cashed in. The winner's hunt was a success, but it was not without stress.

Wosti went for a walk in the park sometime "around June." She had just had her second child and was feeling fortunate while out for a walk. She went to Kemp Mill Beer, Wine & Deli on Lamberton Drive in Silver Spring and purchased a $5 "Family Feud" scratch-off ticket.

"I enjoy watching the show on TV," Wosti told the Maryland Lottery. "I also like Steve Harvey."

She scratched the ticket in the store thinking it was a $50 winner, but the Lottery's app told her to add a few more zeros — she had won $50,000.

"I kept scanning it," the 41-year-old explained. "I was overjoyed."

Of course, she told her family about the win, but being a full-time mother of a 2-year-old and an infant kept her busy. For the time being, she hid the ticket in a suitcase.

Fast forward to this month, and Wosti remembered she had a $50,000 lottery ticket somewhere in her house. Fearing that the claims period was about to expire, she rummaged through the house before finally finding it in the suitcase.

"I was so relieved to find it, and to know I wasn't too late," she sighed.

Maryland lottery winners have 182 days to claim their winnings from scratch-off tickets. Because the ticket was purchased "around June," it is possible that it was set to expire this month.

The winnings, according to Wosti, will be used to pay family bills, but the retailer will also receive a $500 bonus commission from the Lottery for selling the ticket.

The $5 "Family Feud" scratch-off game, which debuted in April, is down to three of ten top prizes of $50,000, two of twelve second-tier prizes of $5,000, and seven of thirty third-tier prizes of $1,000.

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