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North Carolina Pick 3 Lottery Draws Second Triple Of The Year

2 years ago

North Carolina Lottery Pick 3 has the latest winning combination of 3-3-3, and players have been rejoicing the grand payout of nearly $5 million.

On Wednesday afternoon, the NC Pick 3 game drew the lucky number combination, 3-3-3, rewarding $4.9 million in prizes to winners all across the state. These winning number combinations with the same three digits are often called "triples" or "trips" and are quite a popular choice among lottery players, which is why the prize payout for this Pick 3 drawing was larger than usual.

Apart from this lucky win, there was a recent "triple" by North Carolina Lottery that happened in October 2021, wherein the game paid out $4.3 million in prizes after drawing the triple combination in 5-5-5. After this little triple win, a month later the Lottery's Pick 4 game paid out more than $10 million, drawing the "quad" number - 0-0-0-0.

A total of 12,406 lottery tickets matched the three drawn numbers and won the prize. Winning tickets on a fifty-cent wager won $250 while the ones on a $1 wager won $500.

The odds of matching all the three winning numbers in a Pick 3 drawing are 1 in 1000. You can view the complete list of odds and prizes by visiting the North Carolina Pick 3 Prizes and Payouts page at The Lottery Lab. Everyone who bagged a prize from this lucky draw has 180 days from the date of drawing that was February 9, to claim their lottery winnings.

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