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Man Photoshops A $343.9 Million Lottery Check With Himself To Get Tinder Matches

2 years ago

A Tinder user was quite discouraged due to the lack of match notifications that he received on the popular dating app, so he thought of changing the approach and invented the idea of photoshopping himself into a picture of a well-known Powerball lottery winner holding a giant check.

A man by the name "Hieu Thai", came up with this unique idea to "draw more attention" to his dating profile on Tinder, and it worked wonders for him!

His so-called "attention-seeking idea" was not much-liked by some Tik-Tok users and termed it as quite clever and sad at the same time. But either way "Thai" observed that he was receiving more interest than before after implementing this "clever technique". But a lot of people were unhappy seeing this and commented things like, "Honestly, this is so sad," and "This is why I gave up on dating apps".

He also shared a clip on TikTok, in which he explained how he found a photo of $343.9 million Powerball jackpot winner Lerynne West and cropped out the giant check that she held. Then he photoshopped the cropped image of the check with a photo of himself against a plain blue background, making it look real. Next, he blurred West's name on the check and added his own in a similar font. On the final front, he added the Powerball logo behind his photo to make it look as if he was standing in front of the official branded backdrop.

After uploading this photo to his dating profile, he suddenly saw a spike in the number of people interested in his profile. In that short clip, he also added a screenshot of his account that reflected 37 matches at one point. It's not the first time that someone has put a false show such as this and gained attention, gimmicks such as these inspire people to try methods similar as such and befool people around them.


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