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Six New Fast Play Games Launched By NC Lottery!

3 years ago

A piece of good news for the North Carolina Lottery Players!

The Lottery’s plethora of games now comprises the most popular lottery structure played across the state - The Fast Play!

Fast Play is a type of lottery game that features a progressive jackpot and is widely played across the states.

The launch of Fast Play on September 13, 2020, at most NC Lottery retailers marked the introduction of a new game by NC Lottery in three years.

The additions enlist six new Fast Play games with different themes and play-styles, attracting a number of lottery players. It is the cost of the lottery ticket that determines the top percentage of the jackpot that a player can win.

Suppose the top prize for a $3 lottery ticket is 30% of the current jackpot at the time of purchase, while players who buy a $5 or $10 ticket can win a top prize of 50% or 100% of the jackpot, respectively.

The six Fast Play games, introduced by NC Lottery are:

➤$2 Lucky Clover

➤$2 Classic Bingo

➤$5 Rockin' Bingo

➤$2, $5, and $10 Jackpot 7's games

You can check the NC Lottery’s official website, to learn about these games and mark a win!

After purchasing a Fast Play ticket, the lottery players can watch at what amount the lottery jackpot was at the time of purchase and will instantly know if they won the jackpot or lesser prize by looking directly on the ticket. The jackpot for the game starts rolling at $20,000 and grows each time until it is won.

The jackpot is bound to decrease immediately if a jackpot-winning ticket is sold. According to the lottery resources, if a winner doesn't claim the lottery prize, half of that unclaimed money goes back into the game for prizes, and the other half is used to benefit the Education of North Carolina residents. The lottery urges its players to claim their winnings within a period of 180 days, otherwise, their winnings will be fortified.

Each time the lottery is played by a player, the progressive jackpot is updated live on the site. You can view the home page of official N.C. Lottery website and on N.C. Lottery Mobile App. Even the official lottery retailers can display the current Fast Play jackpot on signboards, multi-media monitors, as well as vending machines in stores.

Since the release of Fast Play games, players have had mixed feelings! Some are really happy and satisfied with the winning amount and spontaneity of the games, while there are few, who are dissatisfied with the process of the whole lottery win.

On a whole, the lottery has been producing winners ever since and looks forward to responding to any concerns faced by the lottery players!

So what are you waiting for grab your Fast Play winning tickets now and become an NC Lottery winner!


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