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Nebraska Woman Who Slashed Her Lottery Playing Habit Won $1 Million Powerball Prize

1 year ago

A daily Powerball player who had cut down her habit of playing the lotteries is now enjoying her million-dollar win! Wendy Donahue, a resident of Omaha, Nebraska, has just got her pockets full with prize money of approximately $1 million in the July 25 drawing for Powerball. 

She told the Nebraska Lottery amusingly that, it's the biggest thing she has ever won next to a cake that she got in a cakewalk competition when she was at the age of 14. 

Prior to her these lucky days, as we may say, Donahue was a passionate Powerball player. She used to buy lottery tickets every day. However, she soon decided to cut down on her ticket purchases and throw this habit of her in the back seat. But the lottery fever of the $1 billion Mega Millions jackpot was sweeping the entire nation at that time, which basically stirred up her old habit and made her buy the ticket. 

So, soon she stopped at the Baker's grocery store on North 155th Plaza in Omaha to grab some tickets for the gigantic Mega Millions jackpot and ended up playing Powerball while she was exploring that all. 

After the Powerball draw took place on July 25, the lucky player and her husband, Kevin, heard the news that there was a winning ticket for the grand $1 million prize sold at Baker's, exactly where they bought their tickets from. Hearing this, they quickly took out their tickets and started checking the numbers printed. 

In a press release, Donahue said, "we thought, what if!" "I zoned in on the third line and said, 'I think we hit $1 million!' We were both screaming."

And it turns out that one of the plays turned out lucky for Donahue's as it matched all five white ball numbers — 25, 37, 38, 39, and 65, and just missed the Powerball number 5. But that's ok when you are bagging $1 million. 

Seeing this, they had kept the winning ticket in a safe, waiting for their visit to Lottery headquarters in Lincoln to redeem their grand prize. It was on July 29, she placed the ticket safely in her purse and kept the bag in the backseat of their car before that amazing ride.

To which Kevin remarked, "That was the most stressful drive of my life,"

Hope they keep their winnings safe and use them wisely!  

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