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Largest Natural State Jackpot Won By A Woman In Arkansas

1 year ago

A lucky lottery player has claimed the record-breaking $520,000 Natural State Jackpot in Arkansas after the jackpot money continued to cross the record levels.

On Thursday, Kashema Marks hailing from Pine Bluff claimed the largest-ever Natural State Jackpot (NSJ) that stopped rolling at $520,000. It was in mid-June that the NSJ top prize reached an all-time high after it surpassed the previous lottery jackpot record of $430,000.

To claim the win, Marks arrived at the Arkansas Lottery's Claim Center and also said that "I play the lottery daily, so I noticed the advertising about the jackpot hitting new records," and "I bought almost $45 worth of lottery tickets that Saturday afternoon — half of them were Quick Picks, and for the rest, I selected my own numbers.

The winning lottery numbers for the June 18 NSJ jackpot were 12, 21, 26, 29, and 34. Marks was so happy checking the numbers online, that it seemed like a dream to her. She told the lottery officials that "Earlier this year, I wrote on a piece of paper that I was going to win the lottery after learning about manifestation from a friend," "When I realized I wasn't dreaming, I started screaming and running down the street."

The first people to know about Mark's big win were her mother and sisters. As for using the prize money, she said that she'd purchase a new car and house, support her family, and save for the future. She also explained, laughing that "My mom has literally told everyone in Pine Bluff about me winning the lottery, and it seems like my sisters have announced it to the rest of the world."

Currently, the Arkansas Natural State Jackpot stands at $120,000, with the next drawing set to take place at 8:00 pm CT. As per the game rules, the jackpot starts at 50,000 with a rollover of $5,000, if nobody wins. After the jackpot reaches $150,000, the increase is bumped up to $10,000 until it is won.

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