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Powerball Ticket Price Increased To $3 In Idaho

2 years ago

On Wednesday, the Idaho Lottery announced that it will be increasing the Powerball ticket price from $2 to $3 per play, starting this August. Every ticket sold will mandatorily include the Power Play multiplier option.

Starting next month, the Powerball players in Idaho will have to spend a little extra cash to play the multi-state Powerball game, but with a slight catch. According to the press release by Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson, Powerball is one of the most popular lottery games, since its establishment nearly 30 years ago. After nearly a decade of continued success since the last changes made, it was time for Powerball Game Group and the Idaho Lottery to introduce new game enhancements.

From August 23, 2021, the price of each Powerball lottery ticket will increase to $3, and will automatically have the Power Play option included in it. This add-on feature multiplies all non-jackpot winning prizes by at least double, up to $2 million.

As per Anderson, a number of Idaho Powerball winners have already included the Power Play option in the past, and he has heard that there are many others who had wished that they had included Power Play to make their winnings a lot larger.

The amendment made coincides with the date that marks the game's first Monday drawing, i.e. August 23, 2021. The addition of a third drawing is a national change, with the rest of the Powerball drawings being held at the same time. According to the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), the addition of a third drawing and the increase in the ticket price will help in generating larger jackpots.

According to reports, the increase in the ticket price of Powerball is the first time in nearly a decade. A few months ago, there were fears that Idaho lottery players would lose the game in the state, when it was confirmed that the game would expand to Australia and Britain, in the coming few years. However, due to few complications in the logistics of reworking the game, delayed the decision, and players would continue to enjoy their favorite game, which they have loved for decades.


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