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Michigan Man Almost Lost His Winning $500,000 Lottery Ticket

2 years ago

A bit of advice from a lucky lottery winner, "Always double-check your tickets". This is what the lucky Michigan man would tell any lottery player after he nearly threw his winning $500,000 ticket. The Grand Rapids lottery player thought that he held a losing ticket but a second glance proved it all wrong and saved him from making a wrong decision that would have cost him a thrilling amount of $500,000.

The winner, who chose to remain anonymous, stopped at the Meijer gas station on Wilson Avenue Northwest in Grand Rapids, and the Michigan Lottery's "$500,000 Jumbo Cash" game just caught his attention. The 74-year-old player decided that he should try new instant games each month, so he bought a few of the $500,000 Jumbo Cash tickets.

Too surreal for him, the new winner almost tossed the tickets in the bin thinking they weren't worth anything. The lucky winner recalled, "I scratched the ticket off and thought it was a loser,". He realized matching the seven only when he looked over the ticket once more before throwing it away. He was completely shocked looking at the ticket and couldn't believe luck knocking on his doors.

He visited the Michigan Lottery headquarters to claim his winning amount at Lansing and plans to use his newfound wealth in paying off his debts and purchasing a new home. Ensure to check your lottery tickets, because who knows that an investment of just $2 or $5 could help you win millions!


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