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Florida Lottery Announces The Launch Of New Cash Pop Draw Game

2 years ago

On December 22,Florida Lottery announced that it will be adding a new draw game to its already existing lineup, next month that will offer the players five daily drawings and a unique way of winning the game by matching one number.

Cash Pop is a new sort of draw game launching in Florida that has been quite popular among lottery players in other jurisdictions as well. The Florida Lottery players will be able to try the new and different Cash Pop game in January.

The players will have to select a $1, $2, or $5 wager amount and choose one or more numbers between 1 and 15 or may also opt for Quick Pick. The prize money that will be won will be determined at the time the ticket is printed. The computer terminal will randomly generate the ticket's prize value from odds that correspond with the chosen wager and should the player's numbers match the ones drawn in the next consecutive drawing, they will win the prize printed on the ticket.

As per Florida Lottery's spokesperson, Cash Pop has performed quite well in other lottery jurisdictions and has shown significant revenue potential to generate more money for education in Florida.

According to Florida Lottery, the Cash Pop drawings will be conducted using a random number generator, the results of which will be displayed via an animated reveal. Those videos will be also be displayed on the Lottery's official website. As per the lottery members, a portion of every Cash Pop ticket purchased will generate additional revenue for schools and students across the state.

Cash Pop will be replacing the current Fast Play games, which are set to cease on January 2, 2022. The tickets for the newly announced game will go on sale beginning January 3, 2022, with its first drawing scheduled for 8:45 am on Monday, Jan 3, 2022.

The Florida Cash Pop lottery drawings will take place five times a day, seven days a week! So start gearing up and think how you would mark the winning lottery numbers and walk him with a jackpot!


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