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Hoosier Lottery Gives Out $1.78 Million After Fast Play Error Produced 600+ Winning Tickets

2 years ago

The Hoosier Lottery was quite in news a few days back for suspending Fast Play sales over ticket validation error. And now the super popular is again making headlines for reportedly paying out $1,785,000 so far after an error by the vendor mistakenly produced 632 winning tickets.

It was in the previous month that Hoosier Lottery announced that it would pay out all the winning tickets affected due to the validation error for the latest $20 Golden Jackpot Fast Play game.

On the morning of the game's first draw, the players experienced a technical issue that prevented their supposedly winning lottery tickets from being validated.

The players called in to report the discrepancy, the Lottery informed its personal investigation and decided to pay put all the winning tickets that are somewhat more than 600, and as per the official reports, it is 632 to be exact.

So far, the Indiana State Lottery has completed claims for approximately 392 tickets affected by the vendor error and has paid out at least $1,785,000 in prize money. And about 28 submissions are still left pending.

The top prize for the Golden Jackpot game is $5,000. If claims for all the 632 winning lottery tickets are submitted and approved, the error would cost the Lottery a grand total of $3.16 million.

The players who confirmed that they had a winning ticket in the draw were asked to hold on to their tickets and follow the Lottery's instructions for submitting the claim. The winners will be able to pick up their prize money check within two weeks after completing the security procedure.

Currently, the Hoosier Lottery has stated, that it's just "exploring available options for recovery."

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