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Florida Man’s Winning Ticket Of $1,000 Was Actually Worth $1 Million!

3 years ago

Florida Lottery player experienced the shock of his life when he rechecked the winning lottery ticket in his pocket and discovered that it was actually worth $1 million.

Lee Wingfield, of Tallahassee, examined his scratch-off lottery ticket to find out that he had won a lottery prize of $1,000. But the only point he missed was that he didn’t notice the extra zeroes at the end of his winning amount.

Originally Wingfield thought that he had won $1,000 so he just put the ticket in his pocket and went about his day! But that same night he rechecked his lottery ticket and noticed that there were a lot more than three zeroes printed on his winning ticket, as informed to the Florida Lottery.

Wingfield was very much pleased with his $1,000 win but discovering his win worth $1 million he was even more thrilled. The winner felt quite exhilarated claiming his one-time lump sum payment of $890,000 at the Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee.

Wingfield bought his winning ticket for $20 from Publix Super Market at Northeast Capital Circle in Tallahassee. The ticket was an instant scratch-off ticket called the "200X THE CASH", which had launched last month on September 21.

In lieu of selling a winning ticket, the Publix Store will receive a Commission check worth $2,000.

After Wingfield’s win, there are still 16 remaining second-tier prizes worth $1 million, left out of the original 20, available at the game’s launch.

Hurry up! Claim your Florida lottery prizes by requesting an appointment or either mail your tickets to the Lottery Headquarters and grab your lottery win!


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