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NC Man Reopens Shut Business Amid COVID-19 After Winning $1.2 Million

3 years ago

The advent of Coronavirus impacted a large number of businesses and entrepreneurs in the world forcing them to shut their businesses going down the losses incurred. But a ray of hope shined for a North Carolina resident, who got a chance to reopen his salon after winning a $1.2 million lottery prize.

Fortunate lottery winner, Jeffrey Yi, of Fayetteville, bagged the September 24 Cash 5 jackpot worth $1,247,944, which would help him re-establish his salon after forced shutdown due to COVID-19.

Yi informed the NC Lottery that his business was shuttered due to coronavirus, and lost a major portion of his money. The conditions were so bad that he couldn't even pay the rent and salaries to the employees. This is why, now, he is super thrilled to win a lottery prize.

Business owners like Yi were finding it very difficult to keep their opportunities and options afloat during the pandemic times and work against curbing the effect of the spread of virus on non-essential businesses. Seeing the circumstances, Yi's friend encouraged him to try his luck and give a shot at the lottery!

Motivated by his friend, Yi stopped by the Speedway gas station on Yadkin Road in Fayetteville to purchase his Cash 5 lottery ticket. The lucky winner chose his own numbers, and beat the odds of 1 in 962,598, and matched all five numbers to bag the jackpot. After learning about his win, Yi visited the North Carolina Lottery headquarters in Raleigh on Friday, September 25, to claim his prize. After all federal and state tax deductions, his winnings totaled up to $882,923. Hewas super excited and happy to experience his lottery win!

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