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California Lottery Player Wins $6 Million Jackpot After Spending $60K!

3 years ago

A lottery player's determination has finally paid off! which took 30 years of dedication and commitment. Jerry Murray - an ardent lottery player got himself landed to a $6 million jackpot after he spent a total of $60,000 on lottery tickets - a dream come true for him!

Murray exclaimed that he plays the lottery every Tuesday and Wednesday night, so how can he not sleep dreaming of winning a lottery! Jerry beat the 1 in 3.02 million odds to bag a $6 million jackpot prize from a lucky $10 "Set For Life" scratch-off tickets bought at the Cigarettes For Less smoke shop in Elm Avenue in Auburn. He immediately contacted his wife and sent her the photo of the winning ticket and told her not to disclose about the win, but she couldn't suppress her excitement!

Murray recalled his winning moment, that how he just got home, scratched three losers, and then got the Set For Life ticket. He told, that he doesn't get overly excited, so-called his wife to share his feelings and told her to keep this quiet. But amusingly, she was in the office with nine women and obviously started screaming out of excitement. Her joy seemed unenveloped! They both were concerned about shifting from their cherished home to retire. But seeing how Murray's dedication and investment paid off, they no longer have to worry about moving out from their beloved home.

For Murray, spending $30-$40 on lottery tickets each week for the last 30 years turned out to be quite a fruitful investment, who wishes to cherish his home after retirement and invest some of the won money for his children and his grandchildren. Rocky Salhotra, the owner of the Cigarettes For Less tobacco store was thrilled to know that one of his regular customers won this big!

Murray bagged the $6 million jackpot back in July, so he was unable to claim his lottery prize since claim offices were shut due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He kept his lucky ticket in a safe box, to know about the claim process in such circumstances. He eventually drove to the headquarters in Sacramento, and opted for the lump-sum prize of $3.4 million, ending up with a check of $2.5 million after federal tax deductions.

After playing for 30 years and at last winning, Murray is still keen on buying more tickets and playing the lottery!


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