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California Man Win's Largest Scratch-Off State Lottery Prize Worth $20 Million

1 year ago

A California Lottery player got lucky after winning the largest scratch-off prize offered by the state lottery at $20 million. It was like any other day, when Chad Fry, needed to run out to buy a pair of shorts in Auburn. What started as a normal routine trip turned into a momentous occasion of his life that he would never forget. After grabbing his new shorts from the market, he stopped by the Foothill Market on Lincoln Way in Auburn to get some beer and a lottery ticket. 

The ticket was bought for the $30 "Set For Life Millionaire Edition" instant game. According to the California Lottery, the top prize for this game is twice as much as the jackpot prize for any other scratch-off ticket available in the lottery pool. 

The winner told the lottery that the timing for this whole thing could not be much better, because he said, that the only reason, he was able to stop by and spend $30 on a lottery ticket was only because he had been paid for some side construction job that he completed in the winter. "I had been waiting for a few months for these people to pay me!" he said in a press release. "So I had some extra money. When I was standing at the counter, it grabbed my eye, so I said, 'give me that thirty-dollar ticket,' and that was it!"

Originally, the California Lottery winner told that he first thought to wait until he got home to play the ticket, but he suddenly remembered that he needed to stop at the grocery store. So rather than waiting, he scratched off the lottery ticket in the parking lot. 

He recalled, "I was like, hold on, let me scratch this thing really quick, I scratched the first line, got halfway through the second [line], and saw [the word] 'LIFE!"

The "LIFE" symbol on the ticket means that the player wins one of the six top prizes in the game. 

As per the lottery rules, Fry had two ways of claiming his record prize — an annual payment of $800,000 for 25 years or a lump sum payment of $11.6 million, both before federal tax deductions. He chose to receive his lottery winnings as a lump sum, and he is planning to buy a new F250 truck.

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