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Massachusetts Lottery Soon To Allow Prize Claims Via Mobile App!

3 years ago

Massachusetts Lottery players who are tired of traveling to distant claim centers or mailing their winning tickets to claim their lottery prizes will soon have a new yet convenient claiming option their way. By next Spring, lottery players will be allowed to claim large prizes through their mobile phones for Massachusetts Lottery.

The Lottery plans on extending the functionality of the mobile app to give players the multiple options of having winnings deposited directly into a bank account. According to the Massachusetts Lottery, this new alternative in claiming the prize will eliminate the hassle of traveling millions of miles, which will subsequently decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

The Massachusetts Lottery Director, Michael Sweeney stated, "Besides doing all the obvious things like meeting our customers where they already are, meeting the modern-day technology expectations of people, it potentially has a huge impact on the environment."

The players for a very long time had been demanding a quick scanning of the lottery ticket through the mobile app. The first phase of change will just cover this part, which will be followed by a second phase, which is the ability to claim lottery prizes between $601 and $5,000 through the mobile app. Lottery winnings claimed through this method will be wired to your bank account after the lottery withholds any unpaid tax or any child support obligation.

According to Sweeney, the great thing about this initiative is that it is continuous, and grants players more privacy and convenience.

This update in the prize claiming process only covers prizes valued more than $600 and $5000 or less. While the winners for $600 or less, must be claimed at official lottery retailers only.

According to the sources, both Sweeney and Massachusetts State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg pushed the state legislature to allow the sale of lottery products through a mobile app or online in order to keep up with the modern trends that provide lottery players a positive and convenient gaming experience. In order to perform well in the industry and meet the changing consumer demands, the lottery recently replaced older equipment, increased its presence on social media, and update its data operation.

Massachusetts Lottery is one of those few lotteries that observed a recovery in its sale following the dip of the pandemic, reaching a net profit of $986.9 million. And now a move towards digital transformation through mobile apps while continue to accelerate its revenue beyond $900 million for the coming year.


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