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Women Bags $60 Million Lotto Max Prize With Numbers Her Husband Dreamt

3 years ago

A 57-year old woman played the numbers that came in her husband’s dream for 20 years and today she is the winner of the $60 Million Lotto Max Jackpot. Bagging the win, Deng Pravatoudom exclaimed "All the hardship is over now," through a translator, while accepting the massive jackpot on Monday!

Pravatoudom immigrated to Canada, with her 14 siblings, from Laos in 1980. Her family was sponsored by a local church and almost had nothing to herself. She is to date extremely thankful for the great support they provided over the years. She stated that She also stated that, "I and my husband have worked long hours as general laborers for over 40 years, trying to save what we could for the family".

Due to on-going COVID-19 pandemic conditions, she lost her job and was praying for her luck to shine, as she continued to play the same lottery numbers, as she had been playing for the past two decades, which her husband dreamt of two decades ago.

A few days later, after leaving the temple, she went to a nearby mall on Yonge Street in New York, to collect a few things, and checked her latest Lotto Max ticket. Checking the ticket, she discovered that she had won a "Free Play" ticket and decided to add "Encore".

And then, it was her husband, who broke the great news to her.

She went to line up at the bank and gave the ticket to her husband to check for the winning numbers. And as soon as she entered the car, she had the good news waiting for her. Pravatoudom exclaimed that she was extremely happy and started crying at the same time as soon as she found out that she won the $60 million jackpot for the December 1, 2020 draw.

The grand lottery winner plans to move out of her apartment, and buy a house for the family, pay off some bills, buy some diamonds, and travel once, it is safe to move!


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