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Arkansas Lottery Expected To Launch A New $2 Lotto Game

1 year ago

Arkansas Lottery has officially announced the introduction of its latest draw game - Lotto.

The following week, the lottery players hailing from Arkansas will have a new state game to try their luck with, one that offers a starting jackpot of $250,000, making it buzz among many! 

Since the addition of Lucky for Life in January 2015, this is the newest addition by the Arkansas Lottery. Before this, the lottery launched Natural State Jackpot in August 2012. 

The Executive Director of the Lottery, Eric Hagler released a press note in  which he said, "We are extremely excited to offer Lotto to the people of Arkansas," "Our market research indicated that the players of Arkansas wanted to play in-state games with higher starting jackpots, and that's exactly what we are offering." 

He even stated that a game with a starting jackpot of six-figure could be motivating for players, especially when they feel a win of this volume could change their lives for the better. Hagler is quite hopeful that such a game will certainly create millionaires every year, which will in turn serve as a reliable source for generating more funds for scholarships through increased game ticket sales. 

Commonly, to play a Lotto, players have to choose six numbers from a field of 1 to 40 and win the jackpot by matching all the six numbers. They can win additional lower-tier prizes by matching fewer numbers. 

Also, a bonus number is drawn from the same pool of 40 numbers at the same time as the main six numbers and can be used to match other lower-tier prizes. The official lottery said it gives players who have matched five, four, or three numbers out of six, an even better chance to win prizes. Let's say, if a player matches five numbers plus the Bonus Number, he gets to win $25,000. 

As of now the starting jackpot for the game is $250,000, and increases based on the number of sales and resets back to the starting amount when somebody bags the jackpot. 

The Arkansas Lottery players will be able to purchase the tickets for this newly launched game, beginning this Sunday, September 16, for the first drawing that is set to be held on Wednesday, September 21. Each play is said, will cost $2 and the drawings will take place at 9:00 PM CT on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Both the winning and non-winning lottery tickets can be entered in The Club for multiple Points and Prizes. 

So, get set to bag exciting prizes by playing some of the most thrilling games offered by the lottery. If you have any queries on how to play these games, or what payouts or numbers should you select to boost your chance of winning, simply tap at the Game Detail Page Of Arkansas Lottery at The Lottery Lab. And have a chance to turn your luck around.


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