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Hoosier Lottery Operator Facing Fine For Not Meeting Sales Goal

3 years ago

The private operator of the Hoosier Lottery - IGT Indiana, may be liable to pay a $3.6 million fine to the state for not meeting its $300 million sales goal. The lottery is supposed to generate about $295 million to be sent to State treasury, which would include the $3.6 million penalty which they may be liable to pay if they are not unable to meet the target of sales.

For the last year, the lottery had produced a record of $312 million and delivered the amount to the state in surplus revenue, which was 6% higher than what is expected this year.

If IGT Indiana manages to boost the net income above $310 million by June 30, the IGT will have to split the surplus with the State. Indiana lottery is one of the many lotteries whose sales have hit due to COVID-19. Considering the six-week, stay at home orders, in Indiana, the sales for non-jackpot draw games like Cash 5 or Daily 3 are up by $3.9 million as compared to last year. The sales for scratch-off games have also rocketed since last year by $35.5 million. Overall the Lottery Commission is finding it really hard to overcome the shortfall and has officially stated that it could turn out to be worse also.

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