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Florida Lottery Player Bags $5 M Prize, 3 Years After Winning $1 M!

3 years ago

A Florida Lottery player has cracked a lottery jackpot twice in three years! So, if you believe that lightning does strike twice, after reading this, you should ponder over this thought again.

Munib Garvanovic, 56, turned the odds of nearly 1 in 3 million in his favor by winning a grand prize for the 200X The Cash scratch-off instant game that cost $20 per ticket.

The lucky lottery winner bought his first $1 million lottery win from a convenience store at the Gate gas station on Monument Road in Jacksonville. Since his last win was this big, he faithfully returned to the same store to purchase his lottery tickets.

On December 1, Florida Lottery announced that the double lucky lottery winner claimed his prize Lottery headquarters in Tallahassee as a one-time lump sum payment of $4.45 million.

Florida Lottery’s 200X The Cash instant game200X The Cash instant game offers 10 grand prizes of $5 million and 20 second-tier prizes of $1 million. So what are you waiting for! Bag your lottery prize today!


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