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Virginia Woman Wins $236,400 With 54 Winning Tickets On Single Pick 4 Drawing

2 years ago

“Luck is not as random as you think.

Before that lottery ticket won the jackpot, someone had to buy it.”

- Vera Nazarian

It just takes one lottery ticket to change your fortune, but for this Virginia Lottery player, it took a total of 54 tickets to bag some handsome dollars.

Elisha Chapman, the lucky Virginia Lottery player won an astounding amount of $236,400, playing the popular Pick 4 game. Wondering how did she do it? So, she bought 54 tickets with identical numbers for one single drawing.

Using a formulated four-digit combination, 1-4-0-6, the lucky woman from Smithfield bought 54 identical lottery tickets on May 17 for the Pick 4 night drawing at the Harris Teeter pharmacy on Bridge Road in Suffolk.

40 of these 54 tickets were wagered as "exact order" for $1 a play, whereas the remaining 14 tickets were bought on a "50/50" wager. So according to the rules, a "50/50" wager splits a $1 play in half, putting 50 cents on "exact order" and 50 cents on "any order."

Not believing much in her luck, Chapman, did not check the lottery results until the next morning, but when she did, she couldn't believe that her bet actually paid off.

She told the lottery, "I was so excited!" and "I jumped up. I ran outside in my pajamas to tell my daughter!"

According to the official statement by the Lottery, 40 tickets wagered "exact order" each yielding her the game's top prize of $5,000 per winning ticket, earning her $200,000. Also, the 14 tickets that wagered "50/50" awarded her $2,600 each, letting her bag a grand total of $236,400. Chapman stated that she already works in her family business and plans on using the newfound wealth to take care of her family.

The Virginia Pick 4 drawings are held every day at 1:59 pm and 11:00 pm EST. So, if you wish to become the next Virginia Lottery winner, pick your digits using our time-tested Lottery Tools! All the best!!


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