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Pennsylvania Lottery Winner Bags His Fourth Jackpot

2 years ago

A lucky lottery winner from Pennsylvania is ready to bag his fourth jackpot win since 1999. And he has some great advice for fellow chasing millions.

Mike Luciano won the $1 million top prize on a $20 Pennsylvania Lottery scratch-off ticket on January 6, totaling up his winnings to $4.6 million since the beginning that is 1999.

To be precise, it's not the largest prize he has ever won. In 2016, he had struck gold when he won $3 million on a scratch-off ticket being his biggest payout yet!

Lucky Luciano bought his first winning lottery ticket, which was Cash 5 worth $100,000 in 1999. Till this day he recollects the winning lottery numbers which were 1, 10, 19, 22, and 37.

The Pennsylvania lottery winner and his wife used the first extra wealth to pay off their credit card bills, student loans and took their parents to the beach, and also used the leftover money to help the family with small favors and invested a little for their future. With the second prize's money, the lottery winner paid off his parents' bills, bought a brand new car, took some vacations, invested some more money, and made some improvements to his business. However, these winnings were not enough for him to retire.

Luciano told the lottery that he would often pick the scratch-off tickets while running his daily errands. This is probably why he thinks that he scooped up $500,000 from a ticket. Moreover, he said that he knew the lottery addiction would keep him spending more. He also revealed that he would get mad at himself when not able to play the lottery. Once he even called a gambling hotline but hung up because the person on the other end of the phone wasn't nice, according to him. He also considered counseling as an option but never took himself upon it.

With his latest stroke at luck, the PA Lottery winner won a grand total of $4.6 million since his first grab in 1999. With his fourth winning ticket in hand, he said he played it for his mother and visited the Lottery office in Clearfield to file a claim for his most recent prize.

In January 2021, Luciano revealed his gambling addiction in an interview and recommended that others should stay away from the direction he chose in life. He said that though he won a million, still felt something hollow about it.

This is why we at The Lottery Lab too urge players to play safe and play responsibly!


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