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Minnesota Allows Anonymous Lottery Prize Claims!

3 years ago

Minnesota is all set to join the growing list of states that allows its players to claim their lottery prizes anonymously. The new law enforces winners of huge prizes to keep their names private from the public record.

Governor Tim Walz, on Friday, signed the bill into law, that will allow winners of lottery prizes worth $10,000 or more to keep their names and personal details private. The bill passed by the Minnesota Legislature unanimously will go into effect from September 1. The law will be allowed to winners of $10,000 or more in second chance draws. The players will have the authority to provide written consent to the Minnesota Lottery to release their name.

The promoters of the bill claimed that this will ensure the protection of lottery winners whose safety is compromised by having their name, winning amount, and city of residence, published out in public. The lawmakers backed the proposed bill with instances of winners being scammed, robbed, and even killed after their information went public in other states. According to Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn, the House Representative, who originally introduced the bill, argued that even if the player's phone number and address are kept private, finding their information through all means is completely feasible.

As per Adam Prock, the Minnesota Lottery Executive Director, the Lottery is liable to take steps to ensure the players' privacy preferences as much as possible. Even now, the winners are not required to have their photos taken, share their stories, or participate in any news conferences if they do not wish to do so. For him, "the balance between lottery integrity and player security is something that is considered every day." "Both are completely vital to our mission as a state agency."


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