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Skyrocketing Scratch-Off Sales Amid COVID-19!

4 years ago

Jackpots and sale of lottery tickets have considerably gone down for draw games like Mega Millions and Powerball. But players have found alternative lotteries as another way of entertainment.

Retailers have been selling tickets for multi-state games during stay-at-home orders but customers are reluctant in investing in such big games and rather favor their essential shopping. But quick buys like scratch-off tickets have turned out to be a great substitution for the enjoyment produced by draw games.

According to some researchers, scratch-off games provide instant gratification as opposed to million-dollar draw games as they require more planning, interactions, and quite low odds of winning.

Some of the States have reported an increase in sales of scratch games this month, compared to the same time of last year. Oklahoma was one of the few states that saw an extraordinary increase in sales of about $7.7 million by the end of April. Scratch-off games form a major part of the boom in sales for this year as people are finding ways to entertain themselves with the hope to win something rather than investing in massive draw games.

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