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The UK National Lottery Website Glitches Before Drawing!

3 years ago

A power outage in Watford caused the UK national lottery app and website to crash and continue to remain out of action four hours before the drawing of £5 million (US$6.2 million) on Wednesday.

The power outage was reported at 6:57 am and restored at 8:39 am, but both the app and website were out of commission for a total of nine hours. It was around 4 pm when the UK National Lottery announced on Twitter that the app and website had been fixed.

As the online services were unavailable for most of the day, the customers were unable to purchase the tickets online ahead of the draw. Even Terminals, selling lottery tickets in some supermarket were also impacted by the outage.

People were undoubtedly angry and urged the Lottery to postpone the draw to allow players a fair chance to play as the online services were not restored in time. In response, The National Lottery discarded all the pleas and declared there will be no cancellation and will get proceeded as planned with the draw.

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