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New Jersey Announces Fixed Pick 3 And Pick 4 Prize Amounts

1 year ago

Here's some good news for NJ Lottery players!

The New Jersey Lottery announced that it will now be offering fixed prizes amount for Pick 3 and Pick 4, which will guarantee increased winnings for multiple winning tickets. The lottery will be adjusting its payout structures for these games so that each winning ticket receives a fixed guaranteed prize amount. 

As per the past drawing structure, the winning tickets in a particular prize tier were split as per the available prize pool, rather than each ticket being awarded a specific amount. The prize pool available is determined by the number of tickets sold for that drawing.

Under this newly launched payout system, the number of tickets sold for a drawing will never interrupt the working of this system. The payout amount will always be the same for a win! For example, if you have won a $1 Straight bet prize in Pick 3, you will win a $500 prize every time you get a spot on this prize tier. 

The changes for these prize adjustments have come into effect from Monday, November 14. So get set and bag the newly launched fixed prize amounts for NJ Lottery. 

According to the official statement out by the NJ Lottery, "When a ticket wins, it is awarded a fixed, guaranteed amount regardless of how many other tickets are eligible to win that same prize. The amount won is always the same (based on the wager), regardless of the draw or specific winning number combination."

So now, there will be multiple winning tickets, with even bigger prizes, and as players, you'll never have to split your Pick 3 or Pick 4 prize. 

The NJ Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawings will take place every day at 12:59 pm and 10:57 pm EST.

All the best, see you a winner soon! 


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