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Michigan Woman Got Winning Lottery Ticket Worth $1 Million As Birthday Gift

2 years ago

A Michigan woman experienced an unforgettable birthday celebration of her lifetime. She received a gift that stood out among the rest and changed her life when it turned out to be a winning lottery ticket worth a $1 Million prize.

This is one of those birthdays that this Michigan Lottery Player will never forget!

The lucky Detroit resident has to thank her brother for gifting her a lottery ticket that turned out to be a $1 million winner. Receiving a lottery ticket as a gift was no surprise to the winner, but it was the numbers printed on the ticket that she will never forget.

The woman told the lottery that her brother buys her a lottery ticket every year for her birthday. But this time she was shocked on scratching the ticket because what she saw was a $1 million lottery prize.

The 68 years old lucky lottery winner’s brother bought her a $10, "$1,000,000 Jumbo Cash" ticket from Parkway Foods on East Jefferson Avenue in Detroit.

So, last week she visited the Michigan Lottery Headquarters in Lansing to claim her prize, where she chose to receive a one-time lump sum of about $634,000 over the annuity payments that would pay out the full $1 million prize. The cash option gives her plenty of room to buy a new car and share the rest of the newfound wealth with the rest of her family.

While the second $1 million prize is claimed in the "$1,000,000 Jumbo Cash" game, now, only one top prize remains along with 123 out of 220 second-tier prizes of $2,000 and 1,094 out of 2,227 third-tier prizes of $500 left to claim. So if you are thinking of some more ways to win your favorite games offered by Michigan Lottery, just click on lottery tools and get multiple yet trusted lottery winning techniques, and have the chance to become a millionaire! All the best!


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