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Florida Man Suspected Of Stealing Lottery Tickets

2 years ago

A Florida man committed two thefts in a single night, by stealing scratch-off lottery tickets out of a case and returning them to the convenience store for more, that too in a different outfit. The thief thought he was quite witty in being able to steal from the same store twice in two separate outfits.

On Monday, in a Gulf Coast convenience store in Fort Myers surveillance video footage was found capturing an unnamed man entering the building dressed in red sweatpants and a black t-shirt while carrying what looked to be a small crowbar. What he did to hide was that he wore a black piece of cloth over his head and tried to cover his face. The thief began to pull the scratch-off tickets out of a case under the counter before attempting to wrest the entire cabinet out of its place. He managed to pull out an entire drawer before running out of the door, trailing tickets behind him.

The security footage also shows the same man re-entering the building this time wearing a monochrome hoodie and gray shorts, wearing the same flip flops. His next target was the cash register and the safe, but fortunately, the safe was empty.

The police are working on identifying the robber and are planning to put him in a prison inmate outfit instead. Beware, lottery players, remember to keep safe your winning lottery tickets by signing them and keeping it a secret from the rest!


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