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Parole Denied For Famous Lottery Rigger Eddie Tipton

2 years ago

The former MUSL Director Of Security, Eddie Tipton who was convicted of rigging multiple lottery drawings in several states, will now not be released from prison after his parole was revoked by the authorities. Eddie Tipton pleaded guilty back in 2017 owing to ongoing criminal conduct and was ordered to repay $2.2 million in ill-gotten winnings from lotteries in Colorado, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Tipton had re-entered the national headlines in January when the Iowa Board of Parole decided to grant him his release from the prison. However, the board reversed its decision in March after an incident involving him in prison came to light.

The famous lottery fraud mastermind was originally supposed to serve 25 years in prison but was granted early parole after serving a term of five years because of his good behavior. But in between the Board's decision and his scheduled release, there was an incident on his disciplinary record that led to the sudden change of decision.

The Iowa Department of Corrections reported the event to the Board, which further decided to reverse the parole grant based on the nature of the discipline.

Tipton is scheduled for another review, a year from now to determine whether his parole still stands a chance or not!

As per the norms, Boettger explained, those convicted of non-violent crimes in Iowa without a mandatory minimum sentence are immediately eligible for parole, but the prison system will evaluate the individual rather carefully and may make a recommendation to the parole board. The board then conducts its own review and decides whether the person should be approved for work release or has been rehabilitated and is ready to live a law-abiding life.

And as per the board, the members concluded that there was "a reasonable probability" Tipton could have been released without posing a threat to himself and the general public. The online database available to the board had shown that he was to be supervised by parole officers in Texas, following his release from the prison.

Tipton, now 59, had filed a lawsuit in state court in 2020, claiming that he was forced to plead guilty and that the Iowa officials charged him for restitution in states in which they have no jurisdiction. The trial for his case is still set for August 17.

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