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California Lottery's Fantasy 5 Draws 45 Winning Tickets In Single Drawing

1 year ago

As per the latest lottery updates, the famous California Lottery had drawn 45 winning tickets for its super popular Fantasy 5 game for a whopping jackpot amount of $344,700 on Saturday, April 30, with each ticket receiving an equal share of the prize.

The CA Lottery's Fantasy 5 soon came into the limelight after an enormous number of people played an interesting combination and matched all the winning numbers drawn on Saturday night.

On April 30, the lotto machines produced the winning numbers as 3, 6, 9, 36, and 39. Henceforth 45 tickets matched all of these digits correctly and hit the $344,700 jackpot, each of which will receive an amount of $7,660.

In a press release issued, the California Lottery spokesperson Carolyn Becker, said, "though it's highly unusual for the CA Lottery to have 45 jackpot-winning tickets for a single draw, it appears to be quite a great or miracle coincidence with the winning numbers all being a combination of 3, 6, or 9. And moreover, we do take the integrity of games very seriously, and our security team confirms that there was nothing out of the ordinary that happened on the night of the draw, claiming it to be a fair game! Moreover, the drawings for Fantasy 5 are held using a computerized random number generator, meaning there is quite less chance of any scam behind it. He also stated, "all of our draws happen under tight security, and we always have an independent auditor present for each draw as well to oversee the process," Becker continued that a lot of lottery players who are into numerology and certain lucky numbers, might have had a favorable night!

According to the California Lottery, the jackpot-winning tickets were sold in 15 counties across the state. And for this particular draw, there were approximately 104,572 winning tickets in total.

In general, the Fantasy 5 jackpot starts rolling at $60,000 and continues to grow, in case there is no winner. The drawings for the game are held every day at 6:30 pm PT. If you want to learn about how to mark the winning California lottery numbers, don't forget to check our time-tested winning tools!


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