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North Carolina Woman Buys Lottery Ticket Minutes Before Drawing And Wins $500,000

1 year ago

A woman hailing from North Carolina won a $501,544 Cash 5 prize after listening to the intuition that motivated her to enter a lottery drawing minutes before the closing of the lottery ticket sales.

The lucky lottery winner, Stephanie Israel of Browns Summit, explained how her urge to buy a lottery ticket, late at night on October 8, which was a literal last-minute decision, left her winning a wealth of half a million dollars. 

Israel told the North Carolina Lottery, that it was very late at night and she was lying on her bed when the spirit within her just pushed her to go and grab a ticket online. She said, that there were only 4 minutes left until the drawing when she bought the ticket. 

After successfully making her lottery purchase that too in time, she dozed off and checked her email the next morning. It was then that she saw a notification from the Lottery, which surprisingly turned her regular Sunday morning into the most exciting and best morning possible. She continued by saying, "When I went in and saw it, I screamed for 20 minutes,". "I think I scared my family a little bit."

The happy-go-lucky lottery winner prefers playing the lottery online seeking her convenience, bought her Quick Pick Cash 5 ticket using Online Play.

The winning lottery numbers for the Cash 5 drawing, held on Saturday, October 9, were 7, 15, 23, 31, and 32. The North Carolina lottery winner, visited the lottery headquarters in Raleigh on Monday to collect her prize money, which came out to be $356,147 after taxes. Surely she had a lucky night! Israel said that her family is full of leading entrepreneurs so the winnings will be invested in her family's future and potentially some new business ventures. 

As per the reports, Israel defied the odds of 1 in 962,598 for winning the Cash 5 rolling jackpot. The NC Cash 5 drawings are held every day at 11:22 pm EST, and it is one of North Carolina Lottery's hot favorite and most reputable games of the slot that allows players to buy their tickets either through a retailer or Online Play using the NC Lottery's website or mobile app. The approximate cost of each ticket costs $1. 

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