Are lotteries truly random ?

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How It Works

Access Lottery Data

1. Access Lottery Data -

The Lottery Lab provides more than just today’s winning numbers. We give you access to massive data archives from popular games like Powerball and MegaMillions as well as local games. This historical lottery data reaches back to the beginning of each lottery to give you as much information as possible to conduct your analysis.

Customize Your Data

2. Customize Your Data -

Whether you want to analyze a full dataset, a specific range of data, or just the most recent data, The Lottery Lab tools put you in control with its lottery statistics. Additionally, you can filter lottery data by time of day or day of the week.

Analyze Lottery Results

3. Analyze Lottery Results -

The Lottery Lab gives you four different ways to explore historical lottery data. We offer classic frequency analysis to identify numbers which are being drawn more or less often than expected. You can look for sequences of lottery numbers with our transition matrix. If you have a favorite set of numbers, we can tell you how those numbers have performed compared to randomly selected numbers. Finally, we give you the results from the industry standard for detecting non-random processes.

Bet and Win

4. Bet and Win -

Apply your findings and lottery statistics to your favorite lottery. Share your story when you win.

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Thanks to The Lottery Lab. On Nov. 27, 2017 I won the Virginia Cash-5. My winning ticket paid me $25,000 plus $1.25 for a three-number win on the same ticket. Thanks so much for your information and help.

Dave R

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We are so excited about winning first prize for a total winning of $244,114.50 that we had to share the good news with you. We won on the first try.

Nancy & Carl H.

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I want to tell you that it was a great joy using your website and winning over $36,000 My wife and I are happy that we are a part of your winning team. Thank you for your data and analysis. Without them I couldn't have hit the Take-5 jackpot.

Victor B

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Thank you for helping me capture a first prize jackpot and numerous other prizes in the lottery. Enclosed is a check stub from the Illinois State Lottery showing how much I won. My share was $15,832.00. I will forever be grateful! Your data has made me a winner on countless occasions. Keep up the A1 service that you and your staff provide it is impeccable. Thanks again.

Abraham L.

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Lottery Winning Numbers

Lottery State lottery Name draw date Winning Number
Badger5 Wisconsin Badger5 07-Mar-2019 01 17 21 24 27
Fantasy5 Arizona Fantasy5 07-Mar-2019 06 15 19 39 41
Hot Lotto MultiState Hot Lotto 28-Oct-2017 13 23 31 35 46 19
Hot Lotto Idaho Hot Lotto 28-Oct-2017 13 23 31 35 46 19
Hot Lotto Minnesota Hot Lotto 28-Oct-2017 13 23 31 35 46 19
Hot Lotto New Hampshire Hot Lotto 28-Oct-2017 13 23 31 35 46 19
Idaho Cash Idaho Idaho Cash 06-Mar-2019 17 20 22 32 38
Lotto America MultiState Lotto America 06-Mar-2019 12 17 25 34 45 06
Lotto America Idaho Lotto America 06-Mar-2019 12 17 25 34 45 06
Lotto America Minnesota Lotto America 06-Mar-2019 12 17 25 34 45 06
Lucky For Life MultiState Lucky For Life 04-Mar-2019 04 12 28 35 45 13
Mega Millions Virginia Mega Millions 05-Mar-2019 15 20 32 37 52 06
Pick3 Arizona Pick3 07-Mar-2019 5 4 5
Powerball Virginia Powerball 06-Mar-2019 06 10 21 35 46 23
The Pick Arizona The Pick 06-Mar-2019 10 12 20 24 35 43
Weekly Grand Idaho Weekly Grand 06-Mar-2019 13 22 25 30 32

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