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To play Pick3, pick any three single-digit numbers from 0 to 9 and choose the type of bet, number of bets and the amount of bet. You can play the same numbers for up to 24 consecutive drawings.

Texas Pick3 Playing Options

  • Mark the “QP” option on Playslip to choose the quick pick method and let the computer terminal choose random numbers for you.
  • Or mark the desired numbers on the Playslip to pick numbers manually. Only use a blue or black pen or pencil to mark the numbers. In case you make a mistake, do not erase. Just mark the “VOID” box instead.

Wager Types

  • Exact Order: Match all three numbers in exact order.
  • Any Order: Match all three numbers in any order.
  • Exact/Any Order: Combination of exact order and any order bet, you win either way!
  • Combo: Allow all possible exact order combinations on one ticket.


For the added convenience, you can play the same Cash5 numbers for up to 24 consecutive drawings. Mark the appropriate box under the “Multi-Draw” section to select the number of drawings you want to play. You have to pay $1 for each play.

Sum It Up!

This is an additional feature which can be availed for another 50 cents. It makes you a winner if the total sum of your numbers is equal to the sum of the winning numbers. For instance, if your numbers are 4-3-2 then the total sum is 9. And if the total sum of the winning number is also 9, then you win!

Winning Combinations and Odds for Texas Pick3

Match Highest Prize Odds
Exact Order $500 1 in 1,000
Any Order $160 1 in 167
Exact/Any $330/$80 1 in 333
Combo $500 1 in 242

Drawing Date and Time for Texas Pick3

Daily4 drawings take place four times a day, Monday through Saturday at 10:02 AM, 12:17-12:30 PM, 5:50-6:03 pm and 10:02-10:15 PM respectively.

Official Results of Texas Pick3

  • Catch the live drawing broadcast every Monday through Saturday at 10:12 PM CT
  • Watch Live webcast on the official website .
  • Check the winning numbers on your local newspaper
  • Visit the local Texas Lottery retailer to confirm the winning numbers

Rules Governing Texas Pick3

  1. Legal age to play Texas lottery is 18.
  2. Winning tickets must be claimed within the 180 days or else the prize is forfeited.
  3. Texas lottery commission does not validate the ticket unless it is presented for payment and meets the Commission’s validation requirements.
  4. Claims raising for Texas lotteries are subjected to laws, rules, regulations, protocols, procedures and final decision of the Executive Director..

Claiming a Prize from the Texas Pick3 Lottery

  1. All prizes are given out in a lump sum.
  2. Sign the ticket before claiming because an unsigned ticket can be claimed by anyone in possession of the ticket.
  3. To claim a prize worth $599 or less, visit a licensed Texas lottery retailer for validation and payment of the prize in exchange for the winning ticket.
  4. To Claim a ticket worth $600 or more, visit the lottery claim center. Fill out a claim form and attach your signed winning ticket and a copy of government-issued photo ID as well.
  5. To claim the ticket via mail, fill out a claim form and attach your signed winning ticket and a copy of government-issued photo ID as well. Make sure you have the copy of front and back of the ticket before you mail it. Texas Lottery Commission is not responsible for tickets lost in the mail.
  6. To Claim prizes worth $2,500,000 or more, you have to visit Texas Lottery Commission Headquarters in Austin. Or give a call on 800-37-LOTTO if you believe you’re a winner.