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Daily3 Hoosier lottery can be played up to twice a day with your favorite three numbers and it gives you chance to win up to $500 on a $1 wager. With the wide number of ways to play the lottery, there is so much excitement with every drawing.

You can choose the same numbers up to 28 consecutive draws. To increase your chances of winning, you can add SUPERBALL to your ticket for the same cost as your base wager.

There are several ways available to play including Straight, 1-OFF, Box, Combo, Wheel, Front Pair, or Back Pair. Remember that SUPERBALL is not eligible with 1-OFF play type.

You can choose the desired number from 0 to 9 or can choose Quick Pick method to let the computer pick random numbers for you. Choose the draw you would like to play, Midday Draw, Evening Draw or both. Select how much do you want to set as your base wager from $.50 up to $10. After receiving your ticket, verify it and then sign the back of it.

Indiana Daily3 Playing Options

  • Playing Daily3 is easy as all you have to do is ask the retailer for Quick Pick for choosing random numbers through the computer system for the next drawing
  • Or fill up a Playslip with desired numbers.


To POWER UP YOUR PLAY, you can add SUPERBALL for the same as your base wager. This feature gives you another chance to win. SUPERBALL is drawn for both the Daily3 and Daily4 games before each Daily3 drawing. You are allowed to use SUPERBALL to replace any of the drawn winning numbers in order to produce combinations to make your numbers winners.

Odds of winning are dependent on player selection.

Winning Combinations and Odds for Indiana Daily3

Play type Prize Odds SUPERBALL Prize Odds
Straight Selected numbers must match winning numbers in exact order.
Straight $500 1 in 1,000 $180 1 in 333
Combo Selected number may match winning numbers in exact or any order (straight or box play)
Combo (3-way straight) $330 1 in 1,000 $120 1 in 333
Combo (3-way Box) $80 1 in 333 $30 1 in 111
Combo (6-way Straight) $290 1 in 1,000 $105 1 in 333
Combo (6-way Box) $40 1 in 167 $15 1 in 56
Box Selected numbers may match winning number in any possible order
Box (3-way) $160 1 in 333 $60 1 in 111
Box (6-way) $80 1 in 167 $30 1 in 56
Wheel Every combination of the numbers you select is played as straight. Ticket cost is determined by play amount and number of combinations
Wheel (3-way) $500 1 in 333 $180 1 in 111
Wheel (6-way) $500 1 in 167 $180 1 in 56
Front Pair/Back Pair First or two selected numbers match in the exact order drawn
Front Pair $50 1 in 100 $26 1 in 50
Back Pair $50 1 in 100 $26 1 in 50
1 OFF Selected numbers may be either one higher or lower or one lower than the winning numbers to win. (1-off does not pay on a Straight)
1 Digits 1-OFF $40 1 in 167 N/A N/A
2 Digits1-OFF $10 1 in 83 N/A N/A
3 Digits 1-OFF $18 1 in 125 N/A N/A

Drawing Date and Time for Indiana Daily3

Daily3 holds drawing twice a day

  • Hoosier Daily3 lottery holds Midday draw every day approximately at 1:20 PM.
  • Hoosier Daily3 lottery holds Evening draw every day approximately at 11:00 PM.

Official Results of Indiana Daily3

  • After drawing, you can check the number over official website or visit the Hoosier lottery retailer, on selected TV news channels or selected newspaper.
  • You can watch the live broadcast of evening draw each night or catch up on the past results over their YouTube channel.
  • You can watch daily drawings to see if your number hit it off. Winning number alerts are also available via Hoosier Lottery App, which also lets you check the winning number or create a digital Playslip.

Rules Governing Indiana Daily3

  • Players must be 18 or more years old to purchase the ticket.
  • Players are responsible to ensure the accuracy of their ticket, not the retailers or authorities.
  • All games are strictly subjected to Hoosier Lottery Protocols and Indiana Law.
  • Do not lose your ticket a sit is the only valid proof of your winnings. You can’t produce any other document, not even the Playslip.

Claiming a Prize from the Indiana Daily3 Lottery

  • Claim your prize before the deadline, i.e. within 180 days of the drawing.
  • Each Cash Prize will be paid in a single lump sum payment.
  • To claim a prize under $599, simply go to Hoosier Lottery retailers.
  • You can claim your winnings up to $600 or more by visiting Hoosier Lottery Regional Prize Payment Centres.