How Simulation Works?

The Lottery Lab takes pride in giving you the thrill of playing and winning the lottery without having to spend any money. The simulation tool is a virtual platform that works exactly like a real lottery game. It will give you the same environment and thrill of play that you experience while playing a real lottery.

To play simulation, pick the state you want to play the lottery. You will see a drop-down menu asking you to select your desired state. After that, you need to pick the lottery game you want to play. There is a special option, named ‘play mode’ that sets the level of difficulty in your game. Under this drop-down menu, you will get options like easy, normal, lucky, and winner. It basically sets the parameter of probability making it easier/difficult for you to win, depending upon the option you picked.

After that, you will get another drop-down menu for ‘play options.’ It is available for daily draw number games like Pick 3, Pick4, Daily 3, and Daily 4. You need to choose the wager type you want to play on this menu. Then, you will input your desired numbers and click on ‘play’. You can play more than one ticket at a time and your wallet balance will be deducted accordingly. Once you click on the ‘play’ button, you will instantly get the results. Easy, right?

To play simulation you need wallet credit. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You will get an advanced wallet credit of $1,000 upon signing up. You can play any simulation drawings as it lasts. You can refill your wallet with a very small amount and can continue to enjoy playing. The panel shows the current balance in your wallet and the balance you will have after playing that game. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of your credits.


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